In Tune with Heavenly Musicians

When human beings sing with the spirit and the understanding, heavenly musicians take up the strain and join in the song of thanksgiving. He who has bestowed upon us all the gifts that enable us to be workers together with God, expects His servants to cultivate their voices, so that they can speak and sing in a way that all can understand. It is not loud singing that is needed, but clear intonation, correct pronunciation, and distinct utterance. Let all take time to cultivate the voice, so that God’s praise can be sung in clear, soft tones, not with harshness and shrillness that offend the ear. The ability to sing is the gift of God; let it be used to His glory.
In the meetings held, let a number be chosen to take part in the song service. And let the singing be accompanied with musical instruments skilfully handled. We are not to oppose the use of instrumental music in our work. This part of the service is to be carefully conducted; for it is the praise of God in song.
The singing is not always to be done by a few. As often as possible, let the entire congregation join.

Another dream

Last night, I had a dream. As far as details, I would rather omit than embellish. I and one other, dressed more noble and ancient, stood before a queen to decide and be judged. Being found unfitted or unyielding we were cast down a distance from a cliff. What trees were scattered along the rocky face were not strong enough to break the fall. And, layer by layer, we fell through to level ground below. I asked by what power we had fallen so far yet lived. And, my companion said “by the spirit we live”.
We walked to what looked like a tree or small building nearby. This was refuge, this was the secret storehouse of wisdom. There was no handle visible but only a small hole about the width of a hand. My companion said “by the spirit we enter in”. He reached into the small opening and his hand began to glow as it came near a latch hidden just inside and below this small opening. He withdrew his hand and again said “by the spirit we enter in”. He repeated the same action as before, only this time the hand took hold of the inner latch and opened a door.
Inside were shelves and books along the narrow way. On the walls were formulas and writings of wisdom too complex to grasp in a fleeting glance. I could tell this was a place of earnest study and long hours of devotion. Only upon going the full distance could we see yet another door to the right leading to another small and narrow room. This room was similar to the first but didn’t seem to be used or discovered as often as the former room. Thinking this must be a place of greatest power, I began to look around and see what secrets might be here. But, just as before, at the very end, and only after careful searching, did I see yet another door. Rather than the detailed symbols and formulas found along the way, this door was covered with what looked like the writings of children. On torn pieces of paper were dozens of simple, uncomplicated writings. My mind tried to grasp what this meant and how they came to be there. Sadly, before I could solve the riddle or open this door, I awoke.
One other detail that stands out for me is that the inner chambers were greater in size than that which held them. That is to say, what looked small from the outside was vast and winding inside.
Take from this what you will and leave whatever comments come to mind.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

This morning. Dad picked this up from a parking lot and handed it to me. It’s what’s left of a penny. It made me think on what the Bible says about moth & rust destroy the things of this world. By loving. kind deeds, store your treasure in Heaven instead.

Acts 9:1-19 – “From Saul to Paul”

Wit & Wisdom revealed through prayerful study of Acts, Chapter 9, verses 1 through 19. Commentary by Joshua Hullender.

     Saul was asked to do something that was not only completely opposite to his former way, but asked to do something which was impossible without the aid of those around him. Can you imagine how vulnerable a situation it must have been to go blindly into a town in which your reputation precedes you while carrying “papers of persecution” against those of “the Way”? This three days of blindness would have been the most opportune time to end Saul’s life…but God had a better plan.

     After 3 days of blindness, scales fell from his eyes. This word, “scales” is most appropriate and reveals two profound truths.
     In Matthew 12:34, Jesus refers to the Pharisees as a “brood of vipers”. Snakes, having scales, shed these and “become new” at various stages of life. This was a visible, physical and parabolic evidence of a yet unseen spiritual transformation that had taken place.
     But, if I understand the “scales” as an instrument which measure and weigh the balance of things, then the falling away of the scales point to Christ having paid once-for-all. Saul’s heart and eyes formally weighed his fellow man using the “Scales of the Pharisees”. The ideal and balanced Pharisee followed the Law of God as well as an ever-growing set of “rules” about God’s Law.

Jesus simplified everything with two words: “follow Me”.

     If Jesus is “The Way”, I hope to always be “in the Way”, so to speak, without being “underfoot”. :)
     Jesus mentions earlier in Matthew 5:20 that “… unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees…you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.”

     All the energy Saul expended fiercely persecuting the followers of Jesus, Paul now called upon during some of the mightiest and most everlasting acts of servitude toward Christ’s Church. To this day, I remember the goodness of God through Paul rather than the destruction caused through Saul.
     I feel that nothing can stop a plan from God. In fact, it’s just the opposite…you might even find yourself fighting “for” what you were “against” just a few days prior. He not only changes our direction according to His will, He stirs a passion within us to see the journey through to the end.
Here blinded I stand…
…as Your grace takes my hand.
I’ll travel wherever You lead me.

With Love as my guide…
…and I right by His side;
A helper to all those who need me.

     God sees the good potential in all of us. With as much strength as I ran from God, I now chase after Him. Where once I was filled with evil, I now thirst for truth. To the voice I tried to drown, I now pour out my heart! The more I learn of Him, the more I yearn for Him! I will blindly submit to Your great Vision. Amen.

Special thank you to John Holley’s “Experiencing God” Sabbath School Class @ Apison SDA

December 28th Daily Doin’s

Today we photoed some necklaces but the lighting was all wrong.
We listed 6 things on Etsy
Dazzle got a piece of chewing gum and ran off to hide under a chair where I found her…and the gum stuck on her paw.
I think about abstract things like; “Who coined the phrase ‘who coined the phrase?'”?
I catch myself lining up the 11 pieces of Russell Stover chocolates on the edge of the counter in the kitchen. I look at it and wonder what the point is and why I did it.
Only about a week left and we will get a huge shipment of polymer clay in to resell.

Just Passing Through

baby girl and baby boy
fill your years with love and joy
let not one second waste away
till life rewards a crown of gray
now full of years, they lay you low;
and back to God you gladly go.
you know this truth: we’re all the same
just passing through? so glad you came!
3/26/10 – Joshua Hullender